Ghost of Hitler killed 1st Jew Astronaut, Sabotaged Columbia


Wilhelm Gottlieb (Texas) – “He is here; and he is a terrible entity – a demon,” of the ghost of the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, famed Negro clairvoyant Zelda Barrons X said.

Barrons X, who only recently visited the small Texas town, said the entity is harrassing the city’s blacks.

Ramon, a former Israeli Air Force Combat pilot was one of the members of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

The Columbia was destroyed and its crew perished during re-entry, 15 miniutes before its scheduled landing over Palestine, Texas.

Since, some local black Palestinians claim being violently accosted by Ramon’s ghost.

Barrons X noted she has been contacted many times since the crash and asked to visit.

“Ramon thinks he is in the Middle East.

“He accuses Hitler’s ghost of sabotaging the space shuttle to kill him.

” Seeking to vent racial his hatred, he is substituting Palestine’s black residents for the Palestinians in the Middle East. He wants all of them dead,” Barrons X said after visiting recently visiting the city.

“He (Ramon) considers predominately black areas of Palestine as the Gaza strip and seeks to rid it of them.

Ramon was born in Ramat Gan, Israel. His mother and grandmother survived imprisonment in Auschwitz concentration camp. He enjoyed snow skiing and squash.

Although a secular Jew, Ramon sought to follow Jewish observances while in orbit. In an interview he said, “I feel I am representing all Jews and all Israelis”. He was the first astronaut to request kosher food.
“God despised Ramon and abhors Israel and smote the challenger from the heavens over Palestine, Texas to confine Ramon’s spirit there throughout eternity,” Barrons X said.



I didn’t know Captain Kirk was a Jew.

It wouldn’t have kept me from watching Star Trek. But, I didn’t know.

The knowledge certainly begs the question of whether Ilan Ramon, the 1st Jewish astronaut, knew William Shatner was one of his own.

There is a lot of space in the Middle East. It is curious the Jews there are different in color than all the other people who are indiginous to the land. It’s like they are way out there in space … on a planet of their own.

And, if Mel Gibson’s right, one wonders why Abraham Henry Foxman is the current National Director and chairman of the Anti-Defamation League.
I’m starting to believe the Holocaust didn’t happen,

by L. Emannuels

Is there anyone else around here like me? Throughout high school and college I learned detailed accounts of the Holocaust and the tragedies done to the self proclaimed Children of God but their present doesn’t reflect that past. This presumes black people’s socially disadvantaged conditions are not their own fault; but, I’d expect a people with a history like the Jews to be in the pitiful state of blacks.

Anyway, I’d love to get my hands on an original Holocaust script!

Another thing is, going through my family’s notes, my people left an ample amount of history for our family to sift through, I don’t see anything accounting for the Holocaust from relatives who lived in that period.

So now I’m growing REALLY concerned.

Notwithstanding, I’m wondering what the Jewish Defense League is all about. NAACP doesn’t’ swing that kind of weight.

These Children of God get away with murder, literally. Imagine (and as though we don’t) if all the other people on the planet acted like the God’s Chosen People. We’d have a planet of chaos, racism, greed and war.

Go figure.

Of sneaking suspicions, I’m starting to believe Jews with qualifying Holocaust credentials are part of a grand conspiracy that keeps The Movie going.

I’d love to get my hands on the original Holocaust script! I bet it was written by a REAL sage!

All things being said, the African American Slave Trade is another historical event that may need to be re-examined. History, after-all is written by the victor. If so, why are whites cast in bad light? Is it because of their honesty?

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