Martin Luther King’s Ghost Challenges Blacks to Hate



Miguel Asseno (MEMPHIS)

    KING (EXCERPT): “On, this, my day, throw litter on their streets, be vulgar and rude to them. Teach your children to curse at them and worship the Sun of God. All day long show them how ugly you can be, even into the night! Spit at them when they say my name! Urinate in the streets! All the week long say, ‘I have a dream’ in utter mockery and with cynicism and sarcasm! Teach your children to say it this way! Today, remember my blood! Today remember though I preach love, they slew me! Today remember they are the people who will sic dogs on you without provocation & tolerate inferior educations for your children! All the week long, be as nasty as you can to them! Teach your children to cross their eyes and stare at the sun so they can aggressively absorb the ultraviolet Light of God; and then, when they hear the hateful thoughts of whites, teach them to cross their eyes and stare at the white person so they can reradiate that ultraviolet light and give that white person skin cancer! You do the same! Teach your children to burn their children in the public schools! You do the same when you see them outside before or after the hours of the new curfew that God has ordained! Hate them, today! Hate them tomorrow! Hate them all week long and all through Negro History Month! Hate them for all 2007 and see if they change! Try them in the fires of the ultraviolet Light of God! And if they haven’t repented by 2008, try them in those fires more! Burn and mark the skin on their faces so the world and their reflections can see their true ugliness! Today is my day! Honor me!”
    CARATHERS: (EXCERPT) It is an honor to have this opportunity to speak with you Dr. King. What is the single most important thing you want to communicate to this generation of Negroes?
    DR. KING: (EXCERPT) “Hate white people,” King said. “Honor me by showing you know that that speech on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C on August 28, 1963 was held for no other purpose than a means to an ends to see to it you made it to this day when you can be beside them on the streets and in the resturants with the new gift God has given your souls through His Prophet and Scientist Yacub 7 Ali. You can honor me by burnng each and every one of them according to the hatred, selfishness and perversion in their own heart.”
    CARATHERS: (EXCERPT) King’s presence was stronger than the presenses of many living people I have encountered. He seemed ready, anxious to speak, again.

    7 thoughts on “Martin Luther King’s Ghost Challenges Blacks to Hate

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    2. I don’t believe this story one bit, maybe its true, if it is then im deffinatley anxious to see what happenes. im not racists, neither was my family. im white, and i hope that King realizes not all white people are bad.

    3. You should do as he says and stare at the sun, don’t close your eyes and don’t look away, just stare at it directly for an hour and let the holy light warm your eyes. You should use binoculars, I heard it boosts up this divine effect.

    4. According to sources claiming access to MLK’s intentionally unpublished catalog, King used the term ‘dream’ in that speech because he never wanted blacks to believe in the concepts while at the same time convincing whites of sincerity. These sources and writings note King only wanted blacks to successfully integrate with whites so in this day, when the ozone layer has opened allowing the increased levels of ultraviolet light to come through, blacks could use their unique abilities with ultraviolet light against whites.

      Turning the Rod into a Snake

    5. Dear Zelda,

      The writer of this blog, Shubhada ( giver of goodness in Sanskrit ) acknowledges you as a person with inner knowledge above and beyond theory and scholarship, who is able to contact the spirit world on behalf of humanity.

      In ancient times shamans were the healers, astrologers and early fabricators of metals and medicines for tribal societies. Nowadays the claivoyants represents those who have specialized knowledge in their field. She or he speaks wisely from true and direct experience, and serves in a leadership role for the advancement of peace in the world.

      It is safe to look at the SUN at sunrise and sunset only. And one should use this to strengthen oneself emotionally, physically and mentally- not for revenge driven by anger. Dr. Martin Luther King has produced was a non-violent man and used non-violent means to advance his race and today we see the good results.

      Zelda, the Sun clears mental blocks – i urge you to use this for peace, forgiving and patience. Your time in the sun has come and will keep coming. Why throw it all away when the victory is so near?

      In Balance, Peace and Love
      GOD BLess

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