Stormfront VS Ghetto Bragging Rights


Internet Race War Ensues: Stormfront, VNN, Niggermainia unite against: Savage Negro Beasts!

The Kirkland Perkins feature: The Darkest Sides of the Whitest Kids U Know, appears to have sparked the flame in this new battle between the two rival groups.

The thread is started by devoted Stormfront member, WotanKrieg. His anger stems from UnderprivilegedJournalism’s republication of a Ghetto Braggring Rights article originally titled, titled: Cinderella Wants a Thug.

Read & join the dialogue ensuing on the Stormfront forum: Negroes deface Emily Haddock Memorial.

Most of all, can you answer the question: Did the five young black boys in Fayetteville, North Carolina break into 11 year old Haddock’s house without her foreknowledge; or, as Ghetto Bragging Rights suggests, did the sweet, young girl invite them over?

Still Investigating, More to Come!

Stormfront on the killing of Emily Haddock

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This innocent 12 year old was murdered by Negroes during a home invasion in a case most, if not all, of you will be familiar with.

Read the comments by Negroes here. Theres just no words I can possibly say about this which wouldn’t contravene the SF forum rules. And they call US ‘hate-filled people’?!

More here:

Is there ANY doubt any more that Negroes are just inhuman. They don’t experience the same emotions, feelings, instincts we consider normal.



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Call me a vile hater if you want, and quite frankly, I don’t care who sees these words –

It’s evil crap like the website above why I actually smirk when I see images on T.V. of black African children starving to death and withering away from disease…… A good negro is a dead negro.

Everything these disgusting black apes have in America is ultimately what the White majority has allowed them….yet this is the sick crap that comes from these wretched anthropoids.

I would say the negro race is a disgrace to humanity, but seeing as how I don’t really believe them to be human, that wouldnt make much sense, would it? I know White Nationalism in general isn’t about hatred, but on a personal level …I… DO… HATE…NEGROES- and like every awakened White man, justifiably so!
People who think that they know everything are really annoying to those of us who actually do.- some drunk guy at Barney’s Billiards

Anti-Racists have this new elite fighting style where they slam their face against your fist to bruise your knuckles.- Whitey McWhite(Valhalla)

Originally Posted by Holy Roman Emperor View Post
During the Renaissance learned astronomers who said that the earth orbited the sun were intimidated into silence – we too live in such an age where belief is more important than scientific inquiry. Hopefully, in years to come, people like Dr. James Watson and perhaps even leaders of the WN movement will be seen as the Galileos of our time.

Unfortunately, until that time comes, if it ever does, we’ll have to endure the ridicule of ignorant indoctrinated people who think that they’re smart because they parrot what they are taught.
Want a laugh?

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Originally Posted by AZDane View Post
The first site, those comments are likely by a fat, jaded, pathetic white nerd made soulless by a decade of constant internet. It’s very common. Internet nerds have no compassion for anything, they exist solely to make fun of things and look at porn.

I agree. That first site is not an Emily Haddock memorial and the negative comments on it are cruel calculated provocations by individuals who are not Black. Look this comment:

“Emily is the little blond girl in Fayetteville who pretended to have strep throat so her parents would let her stay at home. Secretly, though, she’d invited 5 young, black and at-risk boys from her school to come over to her house to rape her. As payment to them, she told them they could rob the house of her parents’ possessions. The boys didn’t want to rape her, though, and it turned violent. She threatened to call the police on them and report it as a break in unless they fufilled the act. When they wouldn’t, she did attempt to call the police. That’s when things, and justifiably so, turn fatal for her.”

Note the meticulous use of puntuation, complex compound sentence structure and flawless spelling. I highly doubt a groid wrote this.

REL “Keis The King”
When The Zetas Talk, YOU Should Listen!

Still Investigating, More to Come!


17 thoughts on “Stormfront VS Ghetto Bragging Rights

  1. If you want to get real about all this,I did A test my own,which I found out more white men are in prison for child rapes then there are black forgot to add that to your page. Stupid fucks.

  2. max
    July 16, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    If you want to get real about all this,I did A test my own,which I found out more white men are in prison for child rapes then there are black forgot to add that to your page. Stupid fucks.

    No, there aren’t, Stupid fuck. Blacks are number one when it comes to pedophilia, bestiality, homosexuality, incest, and rape. Get real, Max, and get help soon for your sex issues.

  3. Give me proof especially with pedophilia that the majority are black. From what I have seen in the news and statistics, it’s the white man who has the biggest taste for sex with kids. A good example is the sex tourism trade in Southeast Asia (especially underage sex), the customers all seem white to me, and in fact I have never seen a black person with little Asian boys and girls.

    As for other deviant sexual acts, the many times I have seen acts of bestiality and homosexuality have been only white people committing the act. Really its just plain horseshit that racist think that whites are in control of their genitals. When they themselves are some of the biggest perverts and deviants on the planet. Just look who are in the majority of the porn industry and you will see 95% of the time white face weather as performer, director or producer. Innocent sexual upstanding white person what a crock of shit, a more deviant race there isn’t.

  4. Max- fyi, there are 6 times as many whites as blacks, so it follows there would be more whites in prison(if you can back up that statement)for this crime.
    I have to laugh at the statement
    “The boys didn’t want to rape her, though, and it turned violent. ”
    Yeah, those 12 year old white girls are murder-it’s a wonder those coony boys got out of there with their lives.

  5. How about doing away with all this racism. There is NO scientific evidence that one race is superior to the other, so how about all of you–Stormfront, Ghetto Bragging Rights, KKK, New Black Panthers–ALL of you have a nice, fat cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    You are all losers. Get a life.

    • You are the uneducated one. Get some concrete facts and I and others will pay attention without calling you names. Blacks make up an unproportionate % of the prison population compared to how many of them populate this country. People just want to live their lives now in peace and do not want to be hassled or threatened. If blacks really want a fair shake then wake up tomorrow and go to work, give up affirmative action and forgo welfare. Then they will earn my (almost) respect. I for one am really tired of going to the grocery store and having to wait while these lazy asses use their food stamp cards and I have to pay for everything and theirs! Where do you live anyway… must be up north!

  6. Has anyone actually been out of their little home-towns and into any other part of the world, besides the South? The real world doesn’t work this way… Why are racists usually the lowest form of man-whoops, I mean boys… I know your type- you had no friends in high school; you were a loser and one of theose “weird kids”. If it makes you feel better to call names and write on your special little racist webpages (we call that “blogging” up here in the North), then go ahead and do so. What you say does NOT matter.
    Have any of you shit-skinheads ever met a black person? Or a Muslim? Do you know ANYTHING about their culture? Do you guys know anything other than what you and your little boyfriends giggle about in the bathroom stalls, while playing with each others’ dicks? And just how much have YOU accomplished in your insignificant life? Have you…become governor? Or…a doctor? OR, have any of you shit-skinheads ever become PRESIDENT? I didn’t think so. Settle down with the White Pride talk- we’re not that great.

    • wow THIS one WANTS a nigger in her BAD.
      Fucking white trash liberal.

      check out this site

      White til the last day
      Wish I could lynch a NIGGER every day.
      Whats that lliberal bitch?
      Got something to say?
      Gotta love the White Sheet of the KKK

      Remember BITCH
      you like to hang with the niggers
      we’d love to hang you with the niggers.

    • ignorance is bliss. You better check this blog and see who’s coming to dinner when Obama & Holder’s race war breaks out against ALL whites…yes, even you liberal Nicole!
      (You talkin about bathroom stalls, I can tell yer ass ain’t even out of school yet, what the fuck have YOU done sis??) You need to log off your mom’s computer and do your homework.

  7. All these crimes were perpetrated by the very ones portrayed… ca not hide the color of crime…if you feel safe walking down the street in a black hood then you are dumber that you know….I won’t come to your funeral….

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