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First, let’s establish the definition of the word ‘racist’. According to Webster, its:   a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

This modern day definition of racism, however, is convenient to those who are actually racists and have the power, authority and influence it takes to make racism a consequence to those it’s inflicted of. IOW,  a white man calling a black man a ‘nigger’, wouldn’t make him racist. It would, however, make the white man a bigot and, unless a brother’s wearing his feelings on his sleeves, bigotry is inconsequential. In short, racism requires power to directly influence the socio-economic status and ability of someone’s life.

Concerning the three pro-white-race Websites cited in this posts headline above: Stormfront, Niggermania and Chimpout a quick examination of the type of content found in their forum areas lends to determination that Stormfront crackers are far more literate than the whites at both other sites mentioned. Illuminati Racists More Literate Than Niggermainia & Chimpout Poor White Trash Wanna Be Racists is a repeat post from Racists More Literate Than Racists Posted on March 18, 2008. Read the comments below:

Same topic, different racists: you be the critic. We’ve looked carefully at the grammar, arguments and reasoning behind these two sets of white racists and, after review, find: racists are more literate and reason better than the racists at Hey, visit the sites, read the comments and let us know if you reach a different conclusion.  

Below are excerpts from both:

03-16-2008, 07:44 PM

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 Nigger Lover: Eve Carson Deserved to Die Since Her Ancestors Might Have Owned Slaves

That’s how niggers think, that since hundreds of years ago a handful of Whites owned slaves that we ALL owe them and it’s ok for them to kill any of us. White people need to wake the hell up and start pushing these shitskins off our lands.

__________________ AIDS – Another wonderful nigger invention!


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Default Re: Eve Carson’s Family May Have Owned Slaves (Negros on the attack and victim blamin

I just shake my head in disbelief that humans could think that way. Then I realize this is negros we are talking about.This “diversity” thing is over my head.

“The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.”
– Adolf Hitler
“I Shall Press The Battle And When The Time Comes That I Face My Final Departure I Shall Take My Enemy With Me For He Is A Creature Without Mercy And He Deserves None.”
– Oath Of The Freedom Fighter

79 thoughts on “Stormfront Illuminati Bigots More Li-terate Than Niggermania, Chimpout …

  1. You stupid sons of a bitches.If any one should be complaining it should be blacks.White power my ass if you fuckers had any more power you dumb ass races bitch would run the world in the ground.So before you start complaining about anyone fucking the earth up you need to look in the mirror.

    • I think affirmitive action should have been stopped long ago and a large percentage of blacks think their owed something an think that welfare is a right, little do they know welfare is literally the sweat and tears of the hard working WHITE MAN.They wait for the first of the month to spend the foodstamps which the poor white man worked his ass to give them, and pay his taxes and feed his family as well as some lazy tyrone’s family as well.Im not tryin to be racist but its kind of hard when you hear them complain about how much they get on their welfare checks that isnt a god givin right.And you know how many of those sunshine homes i’ve seen that are beutiful brand new homes built for poor lazy black familys that they sell crack out of, get raided then boarded up(WHAT DISRESPECT!!!)their in bad neighborhoods but give my white ass a new home o yeah my skins not brown.In case no ones noticed blacks get all the jobs, run the country and are the majority in our prison system(which the taxpayers pay for also)I ajnt sayin all blacks are bad people just its about time to stop kissing the black mans ass and totally stop affirmative action.They just keep re-producing and expect welfare and all the other programs to pick up their slack and feed and clothe all of the offspring they bring into our society.Why should a black man that is not qualified for a certain job get the job over a qualified white man just because he has brown skin Its REDICULOUS!!!!Slavery was over a hundred yrs.ago!!!Politicians need to take a look at this and really do something about it!O yeah then someone would probably have to apologize to jesse jackson or something LOL.Im sick of seeing so many homeless whites while blacks are driving around in escalades, my dead grandparents are rolling around in their graves knowing their granddaugters are sleeping with and marrying some spook!I would be damn if my daughter brought some jamal to my doorstep she would be disowned might sound mean but I’m an old soul and dont agree with interacial dating!WHITE People stand up open your heart and let the hate out WHITE POWER!!!!

  2. Hey, just wanted to thank you for including me in your ding-bat masthead.

    God, you need help from a White man with photoshop, bad. Hell, you need help bad to begin with. Try OD’ing on some of Tyrone’s stash.

  3. For everyone basic knowledge skin colour is only linked to a chemical reaction vs environment. The first men on earth were all black because they were born in Africa (a long time before Adam & Eve human egocentric fairytale). They migrated everywhere on the planet afterwards and the one who went to the northern part of the globe got their skin whitening more and more ; an adaptation linked to the change of weather (read a bit of Darwin here).
    Re the different religions (catholics, jewish, muslims, bouddhism,…), these were invented by humans in order to give some explanations and bring some kind of order in times where there were a lot of wars. It was also a good politic opportunity for some few dominators to take control over people’s mind and manipulate them.

    Your radical party is just nonsense : you should read and think more.
    I’m very surprised to see that a site with a concentration of such ignorance exists…I wonder if a single member has passed highschool? All these revisionist ideas, white power etc…
    Difference is what makes nature so beautiful and this is worth for mankind too!
    Who are you to say one is better than the other? No one chose its skincolour or its religion nor its family, it’s a birth lottory ! Any of you could have been born in Cambodia, in Russia, in Afghanistan or in Guatemala… The only options you have is to feed your heart and your brain !!!

    • DR. David duke was in the house of representatives and has a phd. the fairy tale is your thinking all were black at 1 time what bull shit. just like all your atheist propaganda the number one is chimps and humans share 98% DNA. mice and pigs share more DNA than that i never heard of a monkie valve put in a human and working. have heard of pig valves working well, thats why they use mice and pigs to do reserach in the medical field. tigers and lions make ligers and they are not 98% related geneticaly either. so where are the hybred monkie people at?

    • Dear Brother “Terurlai “,I agree with you “Scientifically” about how and where all mankind originated from (AFRICA),and how each “race’ was manifested ,based on the biological,enviornmental,and atmospheric conditions where they settled.You see, you and I are as “Intelligent” as any Scientist ,and can understand this reasoning ,far more than many of our “unintelligent,arrogant,evil / simple minded ” “racist” , earthly inhabitants.You see brother,in the quest from their mother-land (AFRICA) ,many of them settled in the “brutally,cold ” regions of the mountains of Europe,a “Genetic-Transmation” took place.This genetic deficientcy ,over the thousands of years ,caused many Caucasions to exemplify this “strange-evil’, called “RACISM”. I’ve been all over the world,met almost avery race of people,but out of all,the Caucasions or (caucasoids/white-people),are the only ones,that possessed a “natural-unatural-hatred” towards people ,based on something as simple as ,the color of a persons skin!The “nature and psyche” of these people cannot be explained in a paragraph.I’ll sum it up like this,”truth be told” all “caucasions” do not possess this “unatural-race-based-hatred”.But,most do.You see,Racist people obtain their mindset from the following ways ,by birth,through teaching/enviornmental,and by Spiritual means.What makes them more suseptual to hate ,than other Races of people,is that it’s in their “DNA”,most of them can’t help it,some of them can.These people “need ” something to hate .This is why they are so easy to commit suicide,because they are filled with so much hate ,until they hate their own-selves enough to kill themselves,and anyone around them.This is why they join these “HATE-SUPPORT-GROUPS”like the klan,and others you see,they need other haters to “boost” their egos.They are “nothing” alone.You see brother,I used to wonder,why GOD put us in the midst of such “evil-human-devils”,now I understand,he put us here with them ,to teach them how to “Love” others ,without hate , eventhough they deserve to be hated by others ,when you look at the overall “evil” they have committed toward” every Race on the face of the earth”.A Blackman is the “best-friend” a white man has ever had .And especially a white-racist,he has “NO-00000000” reason to hate anybody,nor anything,on God’s green earth.I’ll educate you more later Bro.,on that “ole enemy of All-mankind”,the father of all racist,you know who he is!But,nevertheless bro.,keep God in all that you do, and he’ll make all your enemies,”racist and all” wither like the grass,Peace………………………………

    • The main reason Racist whites hate Blacks,and other people of Color,is because they don’t have a color,and feel left out.Hey ,I have a joke.A little white boy asked an older Black man a question.He said why don’t white people have a “Natural-Tan” ,or color like you ??The Black man told him “well son it’s like this,when the ‘maker of people designed everybody,he had everybody to go thru an assembly line,and get themselves sprayed with their color,ok. He sent the mexicans thru first ,”painted”,then the Asians ,”painted”,then the Indians”painted”,then the Black people ,”painted”, so,by the time he got to the white people,”he ran out of paint”,and said,I’ll tell yall what ,go lay on the beach ,and they’ve been going there every since,. The End…………….Ha,Ha’,Ha,……………………..

    • Um actually we did NOT all ‘come from Africa.’ If you go into the site by Commanche indian, David Yeagley, you will learn that the Indians knew of an ancient highly respected, White tribe living in north America. The skulls and skeletons of those Whites far and away predate the old lie- cliche of ‘out of Africa’ came all propaganda mantra. It should be obvious that Whites are hughly different to Blacks in every conceivable way. WHO ARE YOU TO SAY I SHOULD NOT CONSIDER WHITES BETTER THAN OTHER RACES?!!! Every one knows Whites are—.that is why most of the world runs off to live with them..for so many obvious reasons! I am an adult and will say what I believe as long, and until, the communist-Obama -led Government sends its Nazis around to silence me. David Yeagley has respect for Whites even though they fought Commanche and took his land. Best read some more on Darwin’s theory of ‘evolution’ yourself. He did not have much good to say about Blacks!! Darwin was only half-right in any case.

    • I’m white and proud of it. We have a rich history ALL over the world. We invented the wheel, toilets, knives and forks, in fact everything that blacks use today, who NEVER invented, created or built ANYTHING. They have NO history books, no science, no mathematics, in fact they are NOTHING and will remain NOTHING!!! The 1820 settlers landed in South Africa, with clothes, shoes and technology, whilst black savages were running around half naked, barefoot, dumb, stupid, illiterate and un-educated. Thats why it’s ALWAYS been called darkest africa since even before BC. Even the Egyptians made slaves of them as they were too dumb, stupid and backward to be anything else but savages running around in the jungle and savanas. Even the OLMECS, and MAYANS who lived in South America before Jesus Christ was earth were 1000 times more intelligent than the blacks. And they’re NOT even white. So suck on that! And you’re the coward for hiding behind a pseudonym. Show your face and real name coward!!!

  4. to the guy below me, whites are the ones keeping this world from going to shit. if we left it to the blacks everything would look like Africa.

  5. “If any one should be complaining it should be blacks.”

    Are you serious Max?
    Blacks complain all the time, its all they do.
    Their race card is based on their endless whining and complaining.
    When their whining and complaining doesnt get them what they want they riot.
    Good G-d almighty, are you blind and stupid?

    To the owner of this blog.
    Are you aware that whites are not the only people who are capable of racism?
    Non whites have racist websites all over the internet that go unseen by bigoted people like you who only point their finger at one particular group because of their race.
    You should stop being so prejudiced against whites and check them out sometime.

  6. I would like to get StormFront opinion of something I created called the EA EuropeanAliance. The blue-print for survival. A positive, none violant, productive plan of action. If you reply ill send details etc.etc.

  7. Reply by email and ill send pictures and outline of the EA. Its a well thought out plan of action. Performance based and driven. We should be motivated as well as judged by ower peers. United we stand and devided we will fall !

    • Only a unintelligent, backward, stupid, ignorant, uneducated, oxygen thief like you would use a woman’s anatomy to describe intelligent beings on mother earth. You are the coward for hiding behind a stupid, childish identity like O. You obviously have no up bringing or education and probably some dumb stupid hip hop, rapper standing on your head spinning around because you’re such a lost upside down soul looking for direction. I tell you the direction you must be going and that’s the black cockroach hole you crawled out of. And if you can’t read O, well I suggest you uh, O well ask a educated, intelligent white person to read it for you in gaga baby language. O if that doesn’t help, well then we had better use sign language that we teach apes with. Who in fact are far more intelligent than this O coward hiding behind a symbol as his identity. Shame you poor idiot.

  8. I guess I don’t understand, is a tech company and not a racist site at all. I would have to say the OP is not very intelligent. Does know what you are saying about their site? I will provide them a link to yours and let them be the judge.

  9. Wow, and since when did being a racist prick ever solve anything? You can hate us black/Americans all you want, but we will always be free Americans like everyone else so get used to it you terds!!!!!!

    • Uh hello unknown, thick, stupid, backward, idiot. That’s not how you spell turds! You moron. Another coward, as all the other cowards on this webpage. For the record you uneducated, illiterate idiot, you live in a country that doesn’t even belong to you. It belongs to the very proud, intelligent, fierce North American Red Indian Tribes, who will kick your black arse all the way back to the black cockroach hole you crawled out of. Get out of a country that doesn’t even belong to you in anyway you racist moron who has NO respect for the indigenous tribe who that country belongs. Uh duh!

  10. Hey whatup whitey!Y’all just mad cuz ya gots dem tiny peckers,dats why all your bitches wants them a big strappin’ buck nigga so’s they can get dat full feelin’,front & back door baby.So when you notice that your bitch be walkin’ all funny,youse can be sure that ol’ Toby done been all up in her pooper,yep,and he done went and wrecked that rectum b-otch.

    • TNB

      “muh dik” it’s all the savage sub-humans think about….. also n!gger idiots, it’s mania not mainia. freaking dumb apes.


    • Another dumb, stupid, ignorant, backward cockroach, who can’t spell and has to resort to cursing and abusing woman’s anatomy to try put a stupid ignorant point forward. Another oxygen thief. I have never read such garbage in my whole life. For the record. blacks never invented ANYTHING or created ANYTHING. You try and speak a language, (which you horribly fail in) invented and created by WHITES. Uh duh! Moron. You drive a vehicle (definitely stolen) invented by whites. The clothes you were, black savage from the jungle was created and invented by whites. This very computer, internet, and computer software was invented by whites, you stupid idiot. What did you ever invent,…NOTHING! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You all make me laugh! And through all this, I’ve never ONCE resorted to swearing or cursing. You savages are so backward. You always were and always will be. Darkest african savages.

    • lolz, only the very ugliest, fattest and dumbest of white women do the coal-burning. I think black people smell awful from 3 feet away let alone up close. BTW, my white husbands cock is so big, and gets so hard, it would knock your teeth out if you had any.

  11. this is to all of you nigger motherfuckers out there. there is a reason that you assholes were enslaved for hundreds of years. how about i go through a relatively shot list about why you fuckers are the scum of the earth. you fuck your moms and sisters while your married to your aunt. if they wont let you fuck them you rape them. you are leaching the life out of this country. you fill up our prison systems. you will let someone fuck you up your ass if you think it will get you your next high. i am done. send your hate mail to want to here your reply to this.

    • You seem to have sexual erotic dreams of black guys. Is there some hidden reason for that; repressed sexuality maybe, not having come to terms with your true sexual orientation perhaps. and as far as slavery goes, at one time a large portion of “white” people were held in a state of slavery. The British had white slaves for 1000 years and there were “white ” people who were slaves in America even after your fucking revolution.

  12. this is to all of you nigger motherfuckers out there. there is a reason that you assholes were enslaved for hundreds of years. how about i go through a relatively shot list about why you fuckers are the scum of the earth. you fuck your moms and sisters while your married to your aunt. if they wont let you fuck them you rape them. you are leaching the life out of this country. you fill up our prison systems. you will let someone fuck you up your ass if you think it will get you your next high. i am done. send your hate mail to want to here your reply to this.

  13. Name one successful majority black country. The last one was South Africa until the blacks took over. Now it is a shithole like the rest of Apefreeka

  14. hey illiterate retard, you misspelled MANIA

    i bet if it was on the side of a KFC bucket you STILL couldn’t spell it correctly

  15. LOL,
    The TURDLET that authored this blog can’t even spell, yet he/she wants people to take what he/she says as credible input.

    Hey DIPSHIT- Learn to spell, ok?

    AND, to all of you NIGGERS and NIGGER lovers on here- LOL, your still SHIT.

    Some day we’ll play cowboys and NIGGERS.

  16. In all my years, I have never seen anything to compare to niggers. I have traveled many times to various countries. I have studied different cultures indepth. I learned to speak three languages. I would say that niggers compare to animals, more than humans of other races, but I know that niggers are much more dirty, base and lower than any animals. So, niggers are just niggers and thats all they will ever be. Black is skin deep, but nigger is to the bone. Just shit walking. No, worse than that!

  17. Here is just a bunch of niggers getting together enjoying typical nigger cultural things. Take a look if you have any courage.

    Yes, most niggers know down deep that something is “wrong” with them, but will never admit it. The really stupid ones are too stupid to know. They all just blame, whitey, or someone, or anything but themselves and never truely look in the mirror. Haha…niggers.

  18. Normally I don’t play Internet Grammar Cop, however since we’re calling a spade a spade, you misspelled niggermania. It’s “mania” not “mainia”.

    Secondly, I’m 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Apache, and 1/2 Irish, which sort of skews your assertion that we’re all white racists.

    Judging from the comments left by your supporters, I’d hazard a guess they aren’t all firing off of a college degree either.


  19. Kids arguing over skin colour. If you feel you are too white put some tan, if you feel you are too black be like Michael Jackson. Both sides have their pros and cons and talking about which side is better is immature… the world is growing up and so should you… civilization has been moving from africa to middle east to europe etc… nobody had it… and by the way… it wasn’t either black or white that made the world as it is today… it was everyone.. black, white, chinese and jews… so to everyone please brothers GROW UP… PEACE!!!

    • The world is NOT growing is full of illiterate, retarded, feeble-minded, over-emotional, cowardly thugs …bleating out nothing but weasel words and having tantrums…WWWaaa..Waaay sist ….ffaaaaaa…fas cyst….Mummy..he called me a name…waaahhh….waaaahh….make him stop..waaaah…make him go to his room…waaah the room with the prison bars…waaaahhh..he called me’ Black’ Mummy..Big Brother..even though I am Black..but he should not say remind me…waaaahhh..about colour..I am going to hit the White White are raaaaaysist you White….cracker..moooreder forker.I am goin get the brothers to beat him up..Waaaah, I want compensation..that White devil hurt my feelings..where’s my knife? PEACE? PEACE? There is no peace in the multiKult USA— a mental asylum!!!!

  20. Everyone says what they have learned is the correct right way. Like evolution WN (white Nationaists) need to refute this theory because if evolution is indeed true, than we all originated in Africa. Now people think Africa is a pverty ridden cess-pool of disease and anguish. GO BACK IN TIME for one second. Europeans had the first castles right? The first sign of a congregated and protected ADVANCED populace…RIGHT? Well news flash…ZIMBABWE had the first castle WAY before any European records. I myself am white, and the more likely reason for a poverty and crime driven countries in Africa is due to EXPLOITATION of Africans by (big surprise) WHITE RICH EUROPEANS. I’m an Aryan, Blur Eyes, German blonde hair. But really? Look at the facts. Opinions mean nothing even if you can say it in a charismatic way. Oh, and by the way? Didn’t Hitler have Brown eyes, and Brown hair? And isn’t there something about a past relative of his being *GASP* JEWISH!?!?

    Really, there is no SCIENTIFIC evidence supporting 100% the idea of a supreme race. There are pros and cons of both, and in most cases these outcomes are ENVIRONMENTALLY related not genetically. Read a book, go to school, don’t be and idiot…

    Ever wonder why Hitler enjoyed a nice pile of burning books? Intelligence and knowledge is dangerous for people and ideas like his/him.

    The strong steal form the weak, but the smart steal form the strong…

  21. FROM FEDUP: Don’t make me laugh you’re idiots who can’t recognize your own ass. You found three bitches from hell because of a little bantering. Everyone was having fun playing devils advocate. from fedup. Your judgement really sucks. Glad you’re not running the world. Thanx again Fedup. You really made me thing!

  22. I see the ignorant WHITE TRASH from Storm”front” is in fiull effect!! Bunch of ignorant, insecure white boys and cave bitches.. ehm.. WHITE WOMEN pissed about their real culture(violence, exploitation, greed, savagery, incest) and now they are spewing hate on BLACKS, Jews and the like!!

    Can’t accept the fact that those “monkeys” have actually contributed to society as long as ur pale faced, sick, wicked, demneted asses can imagine!! Not to mention, ur pale faced, pancaked butt, stringy haired bitches (white women) are FUCKING and BREEDING with non whites (makes u peckerwoods mad huh???lol) Don’t worry, she’s not a catch at all (unless it’s some semen on those paper thin lips) Just an overrated pale-faced cave bitch that has been on that false pedstal of “beauty” for far too long!! I hope that so called intelligence aka insecurity and fear makes u and ur melanin deprived WHORE (white women) sleep at night!! Punk ass white boy!!

  23. I would like to personally thank all the white racist fucks who started wars, crashed the economy, mass produce guns with no responsibility, divided our educational system, rape and spend hours watching/producing child porn, allowing the non stop flow of dope into our borders, for being responsible for billions of deaths and I just want you to know the day of the Lord will come with vengeance.

  24. the jigaboo could be in the north a million years and they would still be black…..and stink.The fact is they die faster in the north of Cancer,,,,,and they should be picking cotton the scum..

  25. Africa? Its NOT the North African Space association! It’s NOT the Botswana motor works. Nope to Marcellus Benz. Antwan Carnagie, hell no! Oh and Obama came out of a WHITE WOMAN! !!

  26. listen to me u racists……. why can’t you get over it already…. 100 years and your STILL crying….woooowwwwww -_-…… I’m white and to tell you the truth I would never join you guys YOU are dirty and nasty YOU probably created aids and YOU are more primitive than than my DOG! there how do you like it? wake up! this is AMERICA and if you don’t like it MOVE! you make me sick. and if blacks are so primitive how come they won the civil war and not you stupid pin heads. so go home and cry and keep your thoughts to yourself. you call yourself white I call you KLUless and read a dictionary its spelt Clan

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  28. It is ironic that the commenters here claim African-Americans–I prefer to call them that, rather than “niggers”–are the ones who are uneducated and illiterate. I have read all the comments on this page as of the time I am posting this, and the following are all of the spelling and grammatical errors (not counting capitalization and apostrophe usage) that the racists made in their comments. I will first quote what the stupid racist wrote and then say what he/she meant to write with a hyphen between the two.

    1. …blacks think their owed something… – …blacks think THEY’RE owed something…
    2. …an think that welfare… – …AND think that welfare…
    3. …and pay his taxes and feed his family as well as some lazy tryrone’s family as well… – (redundant use of “as well,” remove one of its occurrences)
    4. beutiful – beautiful
    5. familys – families
    6. …their in bad neighborhoods… – …THEY’RE in bad neighborhoods…
    7. ajnt – ain’t
    8. rediculous – ridiculous
    9. I would be damn if… – I would be DAMNED if…
    10. monkie – monkey
    11. geneticaly – genetically
    12. hybred – hybrid
    13. monkie – monkey (again)
    14. hughly – highly
    15. …different to blacks… – …different FROM blacks…
    16. Every one knows… – EVERYONE knows…
    17. savanas – savannas
    18. …before Jesus Christ was earth… – …before Jesus Christ was ON earth…
    19. I would like to get StormFront opinion… – I would like to get Stormfront’S opinion…
    20. none violent – non-violent
    21. …ill send pictures and outline of the EA – …I’LL send pictures and AN outline of the EA
    22. ower – our
    23. devided – divided
    24. Only a unintelligent… – Only AN unintelligent…
    25. …ask a educated… – …ask AN educated…
    26. …indigenous tribe who that country belongs – …indigenous tribe TO WHOM that country belongs
    27. straping – strapping
    28. bumb – dumb
    29. …mess with any one outside their race… – …mess with ANYONE outside their race…
    30. …the clothes you were black savage from the jungle was created… – …the clothes you WEAR, black savage from the jungle, WERE created…
    31. What jeans they hange half way off their backsides – What jeans they HAVE HANG halfway off their backsides
    32. …a relatively shot list… – …a relatively SHORT list…
    33. …your married… – …you’re married…
    34. i want to here your reply… – I want to HEAR your reply…
    35. …your still shit – …YOU’RE still shit
    36. indepth – in depth
    37. more dirty – dirtier
    38. …wayyy to fucking funny – …wayyy TOO fucking funny
    39. …I’m 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Apache, and 1/2 Irish – (incongruous math, consider revising)
    40. …sold you to the Spain if you most know… – …sold you to Spain if you MUST know… or …sold you to the SPANISH if you MUST know…
    41. begian – begin
    42. soid – sold
    43. shity – shitty

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  30. Pingback: Aaron Franczek’s Racists’ Spell Checker reveals suprising high illiteracy rate of “Stormfront Illuminati Racists More Literate Than Niggermainia & Chimpout Racist Wanna-be(s)” commenters; But is Franczek a non-voting nigger-lover?

  31. The racists in this site are soooo mis (un?)-educated. Native Americans descended from white tribes, really? African Americans never invented anything? That’s all bullshit. If any of you racist assholes took the time to google and/or research, you’d come to realize that black people have culturally and industrially added to our society. You’d also come to realize that your irrational fears are the result of intimidation and centuries old ignorance. Get your heads out of your asses and grow some fucking brains.

  32. “As a nation, we began by declaring that ‘all men are created equal.’ We now practically read it ‘all men are created equal, except negroes.’ When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read ‘all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.’ When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty – to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Letters

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