(BREAKING) Undisclosed Finding by Mars Rover Disclosed: Niggers

Undisclosed Finding by Mars Rover Disclosed: Niggers


“We lived without an Ozone layer on Mars and will live that way again on this planet.”

”Is it because of their perverse obsession with exalting themselves as more beautiful and more intelligent than any of the other races of people on the planet that the Sun of God wants white people burned and has blessed black people and people of color with the natural ability to burn them?”

This is the delight of the Sun of God upon the hypocrite who did attempt to place himself on the same level of God before all others who reside upon the earth.
It is to the fufillment of our love, forgiveness and spirituality that some blacks.””It is the the first in our God history when the supreme allows His judgement, condemnation, forgiveness and sentencing of others to be qualified by the whims of the formerly unqualified.

In our contemporary society, this is the belief system and practice of such non conventional and new phyletic sects as the New Day Nigrescent Hebrew Pagans who say God has given His judgement to them to dispense – even at their premature whims. You may allow their skin to be burned at your discretion and without cause.

“Isn’t this is when God is his greatest and most terrible. For, dispensation is not based on fairness or righteousness; but, it is based on feelings.

“Mankind needs a leash and God wants our judgement in retraining him,” New Day Nigrescent Hebrew Pagan cleric Yeshua Baal asserts. “Vengeance is mine, thus saith the Lord; and the Lord has handed that vengeance to us.”

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