Hi, I’m Ian Marcs. I hope some of you are familar with my work. If not, I am an former copydesk writer/researcher turned independent writer/researcher.  Like many of you, my thing’s the internet and racism. So, welcome to FromTrollDrivel … RacistTrollDrivel.

Look around and get a feel for what I’m trying to accomplish. Let me know ways to improve; or, tell me to go to hell.

All criticism is welcome!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. This web-site is full of complete shite, for a start cancer is no joke five members of my family have died from it you ignorant fuckers! There was no fuckin moses/Jesus/Jacob you twats! if you had a good education then you would have realised this by now! “SCIENCE”. this web-site just goes to show how your a bunch of Hypocrites! If this site was racist against the blacks then you would be pullin out the fuckin card wouldn’t you! Martin Luther King campained so that whites and blacks would be EQUAL! not so that the whites would be supressed because of things that had happened in the PAST, even though it was wrong what happened! but if it didnt happen then you wouldnt be sittin at your computer right now! would you? and yes the whites did fuckin embrace him otherwise you would be in exactly the same position as you were! I am not a racist myelf I just get really pissed off when people talk shite, and yes I am happy about your black president now, because he’s the kind of leader fucked up corrupted america needs to get straight, but if we’re all sposed to be EQUAL then would it really matter if he/she was black or white??

    If anyone wants to respond to this then take it fuckin seriously!

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