Britney CopyCats Andrea Yates, Tub Filled with Water: I’m sending my babies to heaven; Police find shrine to Yates in Bathroom

Andrea Yates, Britney SpearsSpears drafted a suicide note and planned to drown Jayden and Sean in the bathtub like serial killer Andrea Yates. Sources close to the recent Britney Spears meltdown say.

“She’s suffering from a severe case of postpartum depression,” celebrity psychologist Andon Wilkes said. Her depression coupled with her litany of bad decisions spells murder and suicide. Had the police not gotten there when they had, they would have found Jayden and Sean lifeless in the bathtub.”

One insider reportedly on the scene during the meltdown noted Jayden and Sean were standing near the water filled tub.

Britney doesn’t like herself or her children. It is important to recognized, however, that she has never liked herself, Wilkes said.

According to reports, when Kevin Federline’s bodyguard showed up to collect Sean Preston and Jayden James, Britney locked herself in the bathroom with her sons and wouldn’t come out. She also refused to let the boys leave, so cops were called to the house.

A source told InBlackFace that Britney could be overheard saying: In just a few more minutes they’ll be in heaven. I’m sending the boys to heaven.

britney goes andrea yatesMore disturbing, though, is the source confirms that clippings of the Andrea Yates mass murder were present when the police showed up.

The police noted her erratic behavior and attributed it an unknown substance and that is believed to be why she was sent to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for observation.