Black Cult: McCain Melanoma Contagious

Senator McCain Has New Contagious SKin CancerSenator John McCain is believed to be carrying the new Contagious Skin Cancer strand and many members of the Republican party as well as fellow senator Joe Lieberman, who recently endorsed McCain, may be steering clear of him because they fear contracting it.This new type of contagious skin cancer is believed to be transmittable only among fair-skinned people. It is believed that both the ADA and CDC are remaining silent on it fearing a public panic.

“Fairskinned people are the agents carrying and transmitting this new skin cancer nightmare,” a leading dermatologist wishing to remain unidentified says. “We’ve found it is only transmittable between fairskinned people. Carriers can be identified by a change in their skin color. Exposed areas of their bodies, like their face, hands, arms and neck inflame and become very red.

“We’re finding as long as this skin condition lasts they will transmit skin cancer to other fair skinned people with whom they come into contact with. We’ve also learned it is most likely only caused by the skin disorders triggered in whites from blacks.”
“This is a nightmare, one public health administrator said. There is currently no vaccination for it and is transmittable by simple touches like handshake.

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