Star Trek VII (Kirk VS Lucifer): Kirk, Spock part ways over racism (calls Spock nigger) –

Seeing the destruction of the earth, Kirk beamed as many of his kind as he can on-board the Enterprise and makes haste. The Federation is fallen.” “Spock,” Kirk cursed! He balled his fists tight and fanned them angrily about. But Spock left to live with the other niggers.


Lucifer pulled the drapes and turned to the Ms. Scarlet.To direct her attention, he turned & pointed.“See there, Ms. Scarlet,” he called, “see the fires upon the lake?”

Ms. Scarlet cut her eyes to his private area. A smirk rose upon her face.

Seeing it, Lucifer’s heart fell. All the work he’d done to get her there – on The Island and she couldn’t get beyond her preoccupation of him to see.

“The fires, girl,” Lucifer begged. “The Lake.”

“Girl,” perching her lips and placing a hand upon her hip she flirted. Blood from the cut underneath his eye strea


med down his cheek. Again, Ms. Scarlet fluffed through her hair. She lifted her chest pushing forth her well comforted breasts. “Do you like the dress,” she asked? I remembered red is your favorite.Lucifer unclenched his teeth to speak but withheld his words.

“Red is Satan, the devil’s favorite color,” he angered, not mine.”

Getting Scarlet to the Island and successfully locking her in the cage suddenly seemed without meaning. “Dumb bitch won’t even look out the damn window!”

Dark huffs of smoke filled sky behind them. But wonderful blue skies rose behind the smoke. It will be such a beautiful day, he thought. He returned his attention to the fires – and the lakes.

“You are so dark and silent,” Ms. Scarlet begged. Lucifer’s silence didn’t break.

None of them have been this stubborn, she thought.

When Lucifer returned his attention to her, he found her face still with smirk.

“No, neither Bogart, nor Kelly, nor Cooper or Gable had been this stubborn,” she thought.

“Oh to draw your attention to the landscape for a spell,” Lucifer whispered. Ms. Scarlets’ smirk sured. “So you do speak. ”Her voice was sassy, sweet and mature.

Through the glass, he heard the crackles of the fire calling, demanding their attention. “She won’t look!” He silently lashed. “She won’t look!” He tore.

“That’s it?” She asked. “Those are the only words a girl’s worth to you, Louis?” Lucifer clenched his teeth and balled the drapes tight in his fist. “Those are the only words your girl gets from you, Lucy,?” softening her voice she begged.

Mr. Spock was the first nigger in space,” Harold Jones, Ghetto Bragging Rights Unplugged editor & critic. “Gene Roddenberry used Nimoy’s charachter to represent black men and the differences between blacks & whites.”

“My dear beloved Ms. Scarlet,” he began.“Yes, my beau?”“How lovely is thy maiden throat. Perhaps my hand, but just a touch.”“My dear sweat beau, you ask too much.”Scarlet moved her hand down her thigh. Lucifer caressed his knife. She fluffed her hair, perched her lips, raised her breasts and caressed her hips.Lucifer just looked outside. “Girl, the day soon turns to night! We’ve come so far, would it be right not to observe our paradise?”“Our paradise?” Ms. Scarlet’s smirk widened. “Oh what’s wrong,” seeing Lucy’s countenance fall, she asked? “It’s nothing, Ms. Scarlet. It’s nothing.”