Stormfront VS Ghetto Bragging Rights


Internet Race War Ensues: Stormfront, VNN, Niggermainia unite against: Savage Negro Beasts!

The Kirkland Perkins feature: The Darkest Sides of the Whitest Kids U Know, appears to have sparked the flame in this new battle between the two rival groups.

The thread is started by devoted Stormfront member, WotanKrieg. His anger stems from UnderprivilegedJournalism’s republication of a Ghetto Braggring Rights article originally titled, titled: Cinderella Wants a Thug.

Read & join the dialogue ensuing on the Stormfront forum: Negroes deface Emily Haddock Memorial.

Most of all, can you answer the question: Did the five young black boys in Fayetteville, North Carolina break into 11 year old Haddock’s house without her foreknowledge; or, as Ghetto Bragging Rights suggests, did the sweet, young girl invite them over?

Still Investigating, More to Come!

Stormfront on the killing of Emily Haddock

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This innocent 12 year old was murdered by Negroes during a home invasion in a case most, if not all, of you will be familiar with.

Read the comments by Negroes here. Theres just no words I can possibly say about this which wouldn’t contravene the SF forum rules. And they call US ‘hate-filled people’?!

More here:

Is there ANY doubt any more that Negroes are just inhuman. They don’t experience the same emotions, feelings, instincts we consider normal.



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Call me a vile hater if you want, and quite frankly, I don’t care who sees these words –

It’s evil crap like the website above why I actually smirk when I see images on T.V. of black African children starving to death and withering away from disease…… A good negro is a dead negro.

Everything these disgusting black apes have in America is ultimately what the White majority has allowed them….yet this is the sick crap that comes from these wretched anthropoids.

I would say the negro race is a disgrace to humanity, but seeing as how I don’t really believe them to be human, that wouldnt make much sense, would it? I know White Nationalism in general isn’t about hatred, but on a personal level …I… DO… HATE…NEGROES- and like every awakened White man, justifiably so!
People who think that they know everything are really annoying to those of us who actually do.- some drunk guy at Barney’s Billiards

Anti-Racists have this new elite fighting style where they slam their face against your fist to bruise your knuckles.- Whitey McWhite(Valhalla)

Originally Posted by Holy Roman Emperor View Post
During the Renaissance learned astronomers who said that the earth orbited the sun were intimidated into silence – we too live in such an age where belief is more important than scientific inquiry. Hopefully, in years to come, people like Dr. James Watson and perhaps even leaders of the WN movement will be seen as the Galileos of our time.

Unfortunately, until that time comes, if it ever does, we’ll have to endure the ridicule of ignorant indoctrinated people who think that they’re smart because they parrot what they are taught.
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Originally Posted by AZDane View Post
The first site, those comments are likely by a fat, jaded, pathetic white nerd made soulless by a decade of constant internet. It’s very common. Internet nerds have no compassion for anything, they exist solely to make fun of things and look at porn.

I agree. That first site is not an Emily Haddock memorial and the negative comments on it are cruel calculated provocations by individuals who are not Black. Look this comment:

“Emily is the little blond girl in Fayetteville who pretended to have strep throat so her parents would let her stay at home. Secretly, though, she’d invited 5 young, black and at-risk boys from her school to come over to her house to rape her. As payment to them, she told them they could rob the house of her parents’ possessions. The boys didn’t want to rape her, though, and it turned violent. She threatened to call the police on them and report it as a break in unless they fufilled the act. When they wouldn’t, she did attempt to call the police. That’s when things, and justifiably so, turn fatal for her.”

Note the meticulous use of puntuation, complex compound sentence structure and flawless spelling. I highly doubt a groid wrote this.

REL “Keis The King”
When The Zetas Talk, YOU Should Listen!

Still Investigating, More to Come!


God’s Racism & Melanoma Executions: Makes Sunlight Discriminate

SPONSOR:top evilest white men

“Let us remember that white people didn’t do the right by us out of love, but because how it makes us look before the rest of the world.”

One of the Pharisees (who were Romans and white) tested Jesus (who is black) with a question, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” (Matthew 22:36 NIV). Jesus replied, ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:37-40 NIV).

Waldorf Carathers

Everywhere the white man went, he was welcomed. The Indians welcomed him. The Africans welcomed him. Yet, he betrayed their kindness with deception, murder & hatred. White people wouldn’t even treat black people with basic human and civil rights until there were laws put into affect. You wouldn’t do it just for the sake of love. My God! What kind of creature stands before us today? Martin Luther King himself was astonished! He had to abandon his love crusade and push for laws when he learned, “My God, these people will hit you, without having been struck! These people will sic dogs and spray water on your women and children.” Your terrible crusade in Iraq shows you are the same people today! Martin Luther had to abandon his hope that you would learn love and fight for blacks’ rights because it is just. He had to pursue it through law. What does this tell you? Now whites have taken the laws and masked their hatred for blacks through codes and zones and districtings that perpetuate the same systems of economic disparity. My God! You wouldn’t do right except for by laws? And you won’t do right by them either.

For white people, it was easy, convienent and strategic to kill Dr. Martin Luther King and honor him afterward.




Sleugh Crooks (Alexandria, La.) – Jacobi Ali, son of the firebrand leader of the Black Sun Worship movement Yacub 7 Ali, expressed praise for the Waxahachie sect’s slow and painful melanoma execution of 4 year old Cayman Steele.

Sun worshipers acknowledge successfully spotting Cayman intensely and multiple times September 2006.

The campaign against the child resulted from Waxahachie blacks in the Sun Worship community desiring revenge for the illegal imprisonment and rulings against 26 year old convicted robber and killer Leon Dorsey IV.

The campaign against Cayman yielded positive results: rhabdomyosarcomas – a very rare skin cancer condition.

As early as October Cayman developed symptoms of discolored bowel-movements and itchy skin.

Dorsey was convicted by a Dallas jury and given the death penalty for killing two Blockbuster Video store workers in 1994.

In the wake of Dorsey’s recent appeal being denied, Caymen’s deteriorating condition is being celebrated by the Waxahachie sect.

“We remain proud our young soldier Leon Dorsey’s spirit has not been broken by the TDCJ, that grreat beast, for she has broken many and even made them feel sorry for the behavior the larger society is responsible for as to force them to be apologetic,” the spokesman for the Waxahachie sect of Yacub 7 Ali said. “Likewise, we encourage all Sun Worshiping blacks to, on every opportunity, keep projecting the ultraviolet Light of the Sun of God on young Caymen. WHITE PEOPLE DESERVE SKIN CANCER

Star Trek VII (Kirk VS Lucifer): Kirk, Spock part ways over racism (calls Spock nigger) –

Seeing the destruction of the earth, Kirk beamed as many of his kind as he can on-board the Enterprise and makes haste. The Federation is fallen.” “Spock,” Kirk cursed! He balled his fists tight and fanned them angrily about. But Spock left to live with the other niggers.


Lucifer pulled the drapes and turned to the Ms. Scarlet.To direct her attention, he turned & pointed.“See there, Ms. Scarlet,” he called, “see the fires upon the lake?”

Ms. Scarlet cut her eyes to his private area. A smirk rose upon her face.

Seeing it, Lucifer’s heart fell. All the work he’d done to get her there – on The Island and she couldn’t get beyond her preoccupation of him to see.

“The fires, girl,” Lucifer begged. “The Lake.”

“Girl,” perching her lips and placing a hand upon her hip she flirted. Blood from the cut underneath his eye strea


med down his cheek. Again, Ms. Scarlet fluffed through her hair. She lifted her chest pushing forth her well comforted breasts. “Do you like the dress,” she asked? I remembered red is your favorite.Lucifer unclenched his teeth to speak but withheld his words.

“Red is Satan, the devil’s favorite color,” he angered, not mine.”

Getting Scarlet to the Island and successfully locking her in the cage suddenly seemed without meaning. “Dumb bitch won’t even look out the damn window!”

Dark huffs of smoke filled sky behind them. But wonderful blue skies rose behind the smoke. It will be such a beautiful day, he thought. He returned his attention to the fires – and the lakes.

“You are so dark and silent,” Ms. Scarlet begged. Lucifer’s silence didn’t break.

None of them have been this stubborn, she thought.

When Lucifer returned his attention to her, he found her face still with smirk.

“No, neither Bogart, nor Kelly, nor Cooper or Gable had been this stubborn,” she thought.

“Oh to draw your attention to the landscape for a spell,” Lucifer whispered. Ms. Scarlets’ smirk sured. “So you do speak. ”Her voice was sassy, sweet and mature.

Through the glass, he heard the crackles of the fire calling, demanding their attention. “She won’t look!” He silently lashed. “She won’t look!” He tore.

“That’s it?” She asked. “Those are the only words a girl’s worth to you, Louis?” Lucifer clenched his teeth and balled the drapes tight in his fist. “Those are the only words your girl gets from you, Lucy,?” softening her voice she begged.

Mr. Spock was the first nigger in space,” Harold Jones, Ghetto Bragging Rights Unplugged editor & critic. “Gene Roddenberry used Nimoy’s charachter to represent black men and the differences between blacks & whites.”

“My dear beloved Ms. Scarlet,” he began.“Yes, my beau?”“How lovely is thy maiden throat. Perhaps my hand, but just a touch.”“My dear sweat beau, you ask too much.”Scarlet moved her hand down her thigh. Lucifer caressed his knife. She fluffed her hair, perched her lips, raised her breasts and caressed her hips.Lucifer just looked outside. “Girl, the day soon turns to night! We’ve come so far, would it be right not to observe our paradise?”“Our paradise?” Ms. Scarlet’s smirk widened. “Oh what’s wrong,” seeing Lucy’s countenance fall, she asked? “It’s nothing, Ms. Scarlet. It’s nothing.”