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Sun Bans Caucasus Mountain Troglodytes From Earth, Face Extinction by 2012

Will white people kill Obama too?

Questions & stories about white skin I:
Does the Sun of God burn white people while they sit in church?

Neo Black Pagans Debate: Are Caucasians filthier than the Jews?

Whites wiped from face of planet in Ultraviolet Holocaust of 2012 – Blogroll

Why don’t you go post your racist crap somewhere else.

Why don’t you also get the guts to sign in under your real user name whatever that might be. Most people would not come on here brand new and immediately set up a userblog — expecially with garbage like you posted.

I strongly suggest this IP be reported to the authorities.

Idiots have crawled out of the woodwork tonight. There was another one on the SC primary win thread who bitched about Obama being a’GORiLLA”

Fucking idiots.

I would like to think people got over this kind of crap. Notice, not “white” people but people. It is going to take all peoples to bring a feeling of sense to this world. There just isn’t time for bigotry.