Blacks claim: racial superiority through using 3rd eye

Pineal Gland ABC’s: Your 3rd Eye’s is a Terrible Thing to Waste


See this model’s perfect technique? Practice it at home and learn how to effectively direct ultraviolet light from your 3rd eye in minutes.

You’ll want to practice this at home so you won’t have to use your hands when directing ultraviolet light in public.

The pineal gland is a tiny organ in the center of the brain that played an important role in Descartes’ philosophy. He regarded it as the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed. In this entry, we discuss Descartes’ views concerning the pineal gland. We also put them into a historical context by describing the main theories about the functions of the pineal gland that were proposed before and after his time.


The Fake Jew, White Christian & Blood on the Doorposts

Waldorf Carathers (Savannah, Ga.) – Exodus 12:13 “And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.”

“While the veil which once hid the face of the fake Jew has long time been removed, the revelation of skin color as the biblical blood on the door posts is reason to begin the Celebration of The New Passover,” firebrand prophet and scientist Yacub 7 Ali said before his congregation, Sunday, at their Atlanta compound.

“In Exodus, the metaphor of the blood on the doorposts distinguished the Israelites from the Egyptians and protected them from the God’s wrathful plagues.

“Today, the metaphor of the blood on the doorposts distinguishes man from mankind and protects man from the plagues that burn mankind’s skin.

“If the so called Jews of Israel and the West were real, they would have the blood on their doorposts.

“If the self styled white Christians were real, they would have the blood on their doorposts.”

“I am told the incidence of skin cancers and melanomas among white U.S. GIs is staggering,” refering to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comments, Saturday, that Israel was the standard bearer of the Satan of the West, Ali said.

“Many of their arms, faces and necks are covered with skin cancerous bruises and lesions.

“There is no refuge for them any place upon the earth. Even the Iraqis, Iranians, Palestinians and Saudis laugh at their vile skin conditions when they see them.

“I quote Isaiah 14:16 and ask again: is this the man who shook the earth, the one who made kingdoms tremble? He can not even stand outdoors without burning.”


Isaiah 14:16 “Those who see you stare at you, they look at you carefully, thinking: “Is this the man who shook the earth, the one who made kingdoms tremble?”

“He can not even stand outdoors without burning” – Elijah Baal, Y7A national minister

Jacobi Ali -Western science and environment experts attribute the current level of Ozone depletion and increasing global warming to mankind’s irresponsible use of non environmental friendly toxins.

The depletion of the Ozone and increased global warming is not caused by mankind‘s use on non environmental friendly toxins.

Ozone depletion and global warming are the result of the Divine’s condemnation against mankind.

Be not deceived as the Sun of God’s reproach attempts to mask the true reason for Ozone depletion and global warming. FEATURE: AL GORE: THE DEVIL’S GLOBAL WARMING PUPPET

THE YACUB 7 ALI NON HOAXHow Blacks Can Give Whites Skin Cancers For Dummies


Can Blacks Give Whites Melanomas? YesSleugh Crooks (Alexandria, La) – In recent months sun worshipers across the nation have written me expressing their anger at writer David Mills’ Yacub 7 Ali Hoax.

It is an uninformed, unintelligent and not very well researched commentary Mills began publishing early 2007.

Calling zealots fake and Y7A white Mills’ statements are based on ignorance.

The never before published (simple and curt) national response issued across the Y7A network read:

People are free to say and believe what they want.

Like many other devout Y7A sun worshipers, however, I too took extreme offense at Mills’ attack.

According to Y7A network contacts, Mills made no official attempt to contact anyone within the movement. Nor, according to the editorial contacts responsible for publishing the Yacub 7 Ali website, did he make an effort to contact them.

Speculation on why Mills, who may or may not be black, attacked the organization without attempting correspondence with the organization or its publishers is without comprehension.

This is because there is enough information published and even available on the Web about the movement and the science.

The only missing piece of the puzzle was: how to access and utilize the mythological 3rd eye.

“The mythological 3rd eye, which is the pineal gland, is accessed at the single point where the streams of vision of the two eyes meet” – Yacub 7 Ali.

Had Mills done any real research or cared to attempt to speak with any intelligence or insight he could have found everything else on his own:

The 3rd eye (pineal gland) in white people is calcified (hardened, dead); “The white man’s 3rd Eye appears on the back of his dollar bill because the one in his brain has no functionality” – Y7A “Money is his god.” ;

The pineal gland in blacks (and people of color) is functional (fluid) and contains eumelanin;

Eumelanin absorbs ultraviolet light;

Philosophers (Descartes, Plato, Socrates): pineal gland is seat of God in the human body ;

Pineal gland is the ‘mythological’ 3rd eye,

Eumelanin is abundant in the hair, skin and eyes of people of color

“All you have to do is cross your & look at them to burn their skin eyes” – Yacub 7 Ali


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