Aaron Franczek’s Racists’ Spell Checker reveals suprising high illiteracy rate of “Stormfront Illuminati Racists More Literate Than Niggermainia & Chimpout Racist Wanna-be(s)” commenters; But is Franczek a non-voting nigger-lover?

An Aaron Franczek found on Facebook appears with black children & appears not to have voted in the 2012 election; (Whether he’s the ‘Racist Spell-Checker’s author has yet to be determined)

It is ironic that the commenters here claim African-Americans–I prefer to call them that, rather than “niggers”–are the ones who are uneducated and illiterate. I have read all the comments on this page as of the time I am posting this, and the following are all of the spelling and grammatical errors (not counting capitalization and apostrophe usage) that the racists made in their comments. I will first quote what the stupid racist wrote and then say what he/she meant to write with a hyphen between the two. (Notes: the origianl article is found here. Aaron Franczek’s Racist Spell Checker introduction is found here.) Continue reading