Illuminati Racists More Literate Than Niggermainia & Chimpout Poor White Trash Wanna Be Racists

First, let’s establish the definition of the word ‘racist’. According to Webster, its:   a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

This modern day definition of racism, however, is convenient to those who are actually racists and have the power, authority and influence it takes to make racism a consequence to those it’s inflicted of. IOW,  a white man calling a black man a ‘nigger’, wouldn’t make him racist. It would, however, make the white man a bigot and, unless a brother’s wearing his feelings on his sleeves, bigotry is inconsequential. In short, racism requires power to directly influence the socio-economic status and ability of someone’s life.

Concerning the three pro-white-race Websites cited in this posts headline above: Stormfront, Niggermania and Chimpout a quick examination of the type of content found in their forum areas lends to determination that Stormfront crackers are far more literate than the whites at both other sites mentioned. Illuminati Racists More Literate Than Niggermainia & Chimpout Poor White Trash Wanna Be Racists is a repeat post from Racists More Literate Than Racists Posted on March 18, 2008. Read the comments below:

2 Responses to Racists More Literate Than Racists

  1. max says:

    You stupid sons of a bitches.If any one should be complaining it should be blacks.White power my ass if you fuckers had any more power you dumb ass races bitch would run the world in the ground.So before you start complaining about anyone fucking the earth up you need to look in the mirror.

  2. incogman says:

    Hey, just wanted to thank you for including me in your ding-bat masthead.

    God, you need help from a White man with photoshop, bad. Hell, you need help bad to begin with. Try OD’ing on some of Tyrone’s stash.

  3. TEURLAI says:

    For everyone basic knowledge skin colour is only linked to a chemical reaction vs environment. The first men on earth were all black because they were born in Africa (a long time before Adam & Eve human egocentric fairytale). They migrated everywhere on the planet afterwards and the one who went to the northern part of the globe got their skin whitening more and more ; an adaptation linked to the change of weather (read a bit of Darwin here).
    Re the different religions (catholics, jewish, muslims, bouddhism,…), these were invented by humans in order to give some explanations and bring some kind of order in times where there were a lot of wars. It was also a good politic opportunity for some few dominators to take control over people’s mind and manipulate them.

    Your radical party is just nonsense : you should read and think more.
    I’m very surprised to see that a site with a concentration of such ignorance exists…I wonder if a single member has passed highschool? All these revisionist ideas, white power etc…
    Difference is what makes nature so beautiful and this is worth for mankind too!
    Who are you to say one is better than the other? No one chose its skincolour or its religion nor its family, it’s a birth lottory ! Any of you could have been born in Cambodia, in Russia, in Afghanistan or in Guatemala… The only options you have is to feed your heart and your brain !!!

  4. Incognito says:

    Boy oh boy. the racist fucks comes out. lo

  5. tony says:

    to the guy below me, whites are the ones keeping this world from going to shit. if we left it to the blacks everything would look like Africa.

  6. Xam says:

    “If any one should be complaining it should be blacks.”

    Are you serious Max?
    Blacks complain all the time, its all they do.
    Their race card is based on their endless whining and complaining.
    When their whining and complaining doesnt get them what they want they riot.
    Good G-d almighty, are you blind and stupid?

    To the owner of this blog.
    Are you aware that whites are not the only people who are capable of racism?
    Non whites have racist websites all over the internet that go unseen by bigoted people like you who only point their finger at one particular group because of their race.
    You should stop being so prejudiced against whites and check them out sometime.

  7. I would like to get StormFront opinion of something I created called the EA EuropeanAliance. The blue-print for survival. A positive, none violant, productive plan of action. If you reply ill send details etc.etc.

  8. Reply by email and ill send pictures and outline of the EA. Its a well thought out plan of action. Performance based and driven. We should be motivated as well as judged by ower peers. United we stand and devided we will fall !

  9. O says:

    Ha ha, look at all the skiny white racist twats coming out. I wonder what these pussies would look like in real life.

  10. Steve says:

    I guess I don’t understand, is a tech company and not a racist site at all. I would have to say the OP is not very intelligent. Does know what you are saying about their site? I will provide them a link to yours and let them be the judge.

  11. Unknown says:

    Wow, and since when did being a racist prick ever solve anything? You can hate us black/Americans all you want, but we will always be free Americans like everyone else so get used to it you terds!!!!!!

  12. Hey whatup whitey!Y’all just mad cuz ya gots dem tiny peckers,dats why all your bitches wants them a big strappin’ buck nigga so’s they can get dat full feelin’,front & back door baby.So when you notice that your bitch be walkin’ all funny,youse can be sure that ol’ Toby done been all up in her pooper,yep,and he done went and wrecked that rectum b-otch.

    • Sam Beau says:


      “muh dik” it’s all the savage sub-humans think about….. also n!gger idiots, it’s mania not mainia. freaking dumb apes.

  13. There is no doubt that coons are constantly complaining.They can’t help it,it’s in their genes.

  14. avery says:

    this is to all of you nigger motherfuckers out there. there is a reason that you assholes were enslaved for hundreds of years. how about i go through a relatively shot list about why you fuckers are the scum of the earth. you fuck your moms and sisters while your married to your aunt. if they wont let you fuck them you rape them. you are leaching the life out of this country. you fill up our prison systems. you will let someone fuck you up your ass if you think it will get you your next high. i am done. send your hate mail to want to here your reply to this.

  15. avery says:

    this is to all of you nigger motherfuckers out there. there is a reason that you assholes were enslaved for hundreds of years. how about i go through a relatively shot list about why you fuckers are the scum of the earth. you fuck your moms and sisters while your married to your aunt. if they wont let you fuck them you rape them. you are leaching the life out of this country. you fill up our prison systems. you will let someone fuck you up your ass if you think it will get you your next high. i am done. send your hate mail to want to here your reply to this.

  16. Spookadelic says:

    Well, I don’t pay attention to all that stuff, but I do know Niggers Suck!

  17. Al says:

    Name one successful majority black country. The last one was South Africa until the blacks took over. Now it is a shithole like the rest of Apefreeka

  18. JaQuarvius Rashad Jones says:

    hey illiterate retard, you misspelled MANIA

    i bet if it was on the side of a KFC bucket you STILL couldn’t spell it correctly

  19. LOL,
    The TURDLET that authored this blog can’t even spell, yet he/she wants people to take what he/she says as credible input.

    Hey DIPSHIT- Learn to spell, ok?

    AND, to all of you NIGGERS and NIGGER lovers on here- LOL, your still SHIT.

    Some day we’ll play cowboys and NIGGERS.

  20. Jose says:

    When did anyone ever start taking a nigger seriously?


    Go pick the cotton nigger, it aint picking itself.

  21. big nig pig says:

    In all my years, I have never seen anything to compare to niggers. I have traveled many times to various countries. I have studied different cultures indepth. I learned to speak three languages. I would say that niggers compare to animals, more than humans of other races, but I know that niggers are much more dirty, base and lower than any animals. So, niggers are just niggers and thats all they will ever be. Black is skin deep, but nigger is to the bone. Just shit walking. No, worse than that!

  22. big nig pig says:

    My comments will never be published. they can’t stand the truth.

  23. big nig pig says:

    Here is just a bunch of niggers getting together enjoying typical nigger cultural things. Take a look if you have any courage.

    Yes, most niggers know down deep that something is “wrong” with them, but will never admit it. The really stupid ones are too stupid to know. They all just blame, whitey, or someone, or anything but themselves and never truely look in the mirror. Haha…niggers.

  24. DeMessiah/Minister says:

    White is Right, you Niggers should have stayed in Afreaka where you belong.

  25. Jessica says:

    Normally I don’t play Internet Grammar Cop, however since we’re calling a spade a spade, you misspelled niggermania. It’s “mania” not “mainia”.

    Secondly, I’m 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Apache, and 1/2 Irish, which sort of skews your assertion that we’re all white racists.

    Judging from the comments left by your supporters, I’d hazard a guess they aren’t all firing off of a college degree either.

  26. blackgirl says:

    well yes people of all colors are racist, thank god the majority of us aren’t like that :P

  27. Dex says:

    Kids arguing over skin colour. If you feel you are too white put some tan, if you feel you are too black be like Michael Jackson. Both sides have their pros and cons and talking about which side is better is immature… the world is growing up and so should you… civilization has been moving from africa to middle east to europe etc… nobody had it… and by the way… it wasn’t either black or white that made the world as it is today… it was everyone.. black, white, chinese and jews… so to everyone please brothers GROW UP… PEACE!!!

  28. Gumber says:

    Everyone says what they have learned is the correct right way. Like evolution WN (white Nationaists) need to refute this theory because if evolution is indeed true, than we all originated in Africa. Now people think Africa is a pverty ridden cess-pool of disease and anguish. GO BACK IN TIME for one second. Europeans had the first castles right? The first sign of a congregated and protected ADVANCED populace…RIGHT? Well news flash…ZIMBABWE had the first castle WAY before any European records. I myself am white, and the more likely reason for a poverty and crime driven countries in Africa is due to EXPLOITATION of Africans by (big surprise) WHITE RICH EUROPEANS. I’m an Aryan, Blur Eyes, German blonde hair. But really? Look at the facts. Opinions mean nothing even if you can say it in a charismatic way. Oh, and by the way? Didn’t Hitler have Brown eyes, and Brown hair? And isn’t there something about a past relative of his being *GASP* JEWISH!?!?

    Really, there is no SCIENTIFIC evidence supporting 100% the idea of a supreme race. There are pros and cons of both, and in most cases these outcomes are ENVIRONMENTALLY related not genetically. Read a book, go to school, don’t be and idiot…

    Ever wonder why Hitler enjoyed a nice pile of burning books? Intelligence and knowledge is dangerous for people and ideas like his/him.

    The strong steal form the weak, but the smart steal form the strong…

  29. fedup says:

    FROM FEDUP: Don’t make me laugh you’re idiots who can’t recognize your own ass. You found three bitches from hell because of a little bantering. Everyone was having fun playing devils advocate. from fedup. Your judgement really sucks. Glad you’re not running the world. Thanx again Fedup. You really made me thing!

  30. fedup says:

    Oh sooooo sorry Stormfront,org i meant think. wouldn’t want to get threatened again!

  31. Hindenburg says:

    Africa? Its NOT the North African Space association! It’s NOT the Botswana motor works. Nope to Marcellus Benz. Antwan Carnagie, hell no! Oh and Obama came out of a WHITE WOMAN! !!

  32. UNKNOWN says:

    listen to me u racists……. why can’t you get over it already…. 100 years and your STILL crying….woooowwwwww -_-…… I’m white and to tell you the truth I would never join you guys YOU are dirty and nasty YOU probably created aids and YOU are more primitive than than my DOG! there how do you like it? wake up! this is AMERICA and if you don’t like it MOVE! you make me sick. and if blacks are so primitive how come they won the civil war and not you stupid pin heads. so go home and cry and keep your thoughts to yourself. you call yourself white I call you KLUless and read a dictionary its spelt Clan

  33. sofia lopez says:


2 thoughts on “ Illuminati Racists More Literate Than Niggermainia & Chimpout Poor White Trash Wanna Be Racists

  1. First off I’m no super racist , I have non white friends . But to ” unknown & sofia ” no , you F off trash !

    And it calling someone a nigger makes you a bigot then calling someone a cracker makes you a bigot .

    Don’t know about the other sites but stormfront rocks , white pride world wide.

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